52 gene Personalizing treatment solution in Breast Cancer

A high-throughput sequencing platform based product for detection of breast cancer-related genes. It contains genes related to breast cancer development, targeted drug genes, endocrine drug related genes and hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome related genes. To give patients the most comprehensive genetic testing, to help physicians give patients the most comprehensive individual treatment.

Caner Type
Breast Caner
Biopsy Type
Tissue, FFPE, Peripheral Whole Blood
Results Expected
10 working days
Clinical significance
Comprehensive guidance for precise medication

comprehensive testing of genes relates to targeted drugs, endocrine drugs, PARP inhibitors.


Genetic testing analysis

genetic analysis of genes associated with hereditary breast cancer and ovarian cancer syndrome


Dynamic Monitoring

dynamic detection ctDNA in blood to monitor disease progression


dynamic detection ctDNA in blood to monitor disease progression

detection of  base substitutions, insertions and deletions/indels, copy number alterations, and rearrangements.

Product Content




Service Process
  • Identify test program and fill in the application form

  • Get tissue and blood samples

  • Sign informed consent

  • Shipping to cloudhealth clinical center

  • Sequencing and analysis

  • Report

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