Genetic Test Lab

CloudHealth Genetic test lab has obtained the practicing license of medical institutions issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and has established a quality control system with strict standard, covering personnel management, equipment calibration and maintenance management, reagent management, project implementation and quality control of each step, validation of laboratory process and improvement, safety production management and others, so as to ensure the results’ accuracy, repeatability, timeliness and effectiveness of the customer communication and data delivery, making sure of the reliability, compliance of the overall quality of the project.

Cloudhealth Sanple Center

The Sample Center manages and operates based on CNAS and CNAS-CL02 for the quality.


Cloudhealth PCR laboratory

PCR laboratory participates in quality assessment of the Shanghai Procuratorate Laboratory laboratory every year, and has been accepted through the PCR laboratory project.

Chip Center

This platform can provide mRNA expression profile, SNP genotyping, miRNA expression profile and many other solutions.