Sequencing Platforms
Latest NovaSeq6000 Sequencing System

As China’s genome high-tech enterprise focusing on precision medical translational application, Cloud Health became the first batch of users of NovaSeq, the latest publishing sequencing platform from illumina, following being among the first batch of users globally in HiSeq X Ten in 2014.



NovaSeq sequencing system adapts to any genome, any sequencing method and any scaled project. It is a breakthrough innovation that opens a new chapter of sequencing.


Platform Advantage
  • Ultra-high throughput & higher data quality

    S2 flow cell can run up to 16 human genomes per time, or 132 exon or transcriptions;Q30 is superior to illumina's official parameters based on actual sequencing data feedback

  • No cBot alone

    All on-board reagents are integrated in three cartridges, including automated cluster generation, without additional cBot, improving experimental efficiency and reducing experimental errors.

  • Easy to operate

    From the pooling to sequencing total time in 30 minutes, greatly reducing operation time;

  • 167Gb–6Tb


  • 1.6–20 billion


  • 2 × 150 bp

    Read Length

Note: Specifications based on a dual flow cell run of S4 flow cells which have not been released, therefore performance metrics are subject to change.
Service Content

Can achieve the whole species sequencing, to meet the whole genome, transcriptome, whole exon, targeting genes, methylation sequencing and all sequencing needs.